UPVC Cleaning

UPVC is used pretty much everywhere now. As durable as it is, UPVC cleaning has to be done in a specialised way to prevent damage to the material. A lot of us turn to the internet for quick fix solutions, however, the suggestions often cause more harm than good. This is why you need professional UPVC cleaning. With our UPVC cleaning service, you can be sure that your UPVC will be safe from harm and damage.

The Dangers of DIY UPVC Cleaning

As tempting as it may be to use a DIY cleaning product, these can actually be damaging to your UPVC. For example, using bleach can cause discolouring of the UPVC and it can also corrode the protective coating, which will make it lose its shine. Other household cleaning products used when cleaning UPVC can cause it to go yellow and some can even melt the plastic. Using an abrasive cleaner can cut into its soft surface, causing further damage.

Safe UPVC Cleaning

Inevitably, the safest option would be to opt for our UPVC cleaning service. We use UPVC friendly solutions and methods to ensure that your UPVC looks as good as new, without the damage. We are highly trained in safe and effective UPVC cleaning so you can be sure that yours will be cleaned to a high standard without being damaged or discoloured.

At DP Mattinson Ltd, we work to a high standard and we care about the work that we do. With our competitive prices and commitment to giving the best results, you will not be disappointed in our UPVC cleaning services.